When in Rome

Week 17: May 12th-16th

Do what the Romans do...and for me, that is to eat and eat and eat. I ventured on a five-day trip to Rome with Serena and Sameena, and it was probably one of the most fun-filled and tiresome trips I have ever had. In these five days, we strolled around the city of Rome, visited the Vatican City, and took two-day trips to Pompei and the beautiful town of Positano, off the Amalfi Coast. I will make separate blog posts for those day trips and my time at the Vatican stay tuned!
My time in the eternal city was definitely invigorating...Seeing the historic buildings and monuments was a whole other experience in person. It kind of takes you back a bit and makes you think about how the hell the people back then built something so grand and powerful that it still is standing till this day. 

On the first day, we strolled around the main square and visited the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, Trevi Fountain (reliving the Lizzie Mcguire movie), Pantheon, and Spanish Steps.
My first impression of this city is that it is huge. Walking anywhere takes at least 30 minutes, and the streets are filled with people. The architecture and streets of this city definitely have its own unique charm. 

On my second day in Rome, we packed our itinerary with so many things to do. We visited the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Fountain of the Four Rivers, Castle of the Holy Angel, Piazza del Popolo, and revisited the Spanish Steps. I would definitely recommend wearing your walking shoes in this city! 
Now to talk about the most important part, the food. In a nutshell, my diet in Rome was filled with gelato, pizza, and pasta. My favourite gelato place was Gelataria dei Gracchi. It is reasonably priced and has a variety of flavours. You can get two flavours for two euro, what a steal! My first gelato was five euros for two flavours. So do not fall in the tourist trap and spend an unreasonable price like me lol...As for pizza, my favourite place was this pizza joint we stumbled upon on our way to Gelataria dei Gracchi. It is on the corner of Piazza Cola di Rienzo and Via Cicerone, you will not miss it. They sell pizza by weight so depending on the size, it can cost more or less. I got a reasonable pizza slice and it was only worth 1.70 euros. Lastly, for pasta, we went to a lot of hit and miss and tourist trap restaurants lol...I think if you really wanted to try authentic good Italian, you have to do your research. You cannot just stumble upon a restaurant, especially if it is around all the tourist attractions. On our last day in Rome, we ate lunch at this restaurant called Ristorante Arlu by the Vatican City and it was really tasty. I ordered their Fettuccine pasta with crispy eggplant, toasted ricotta cheese and tomatoes. It was really tasty. Their lasagna is really good too. I would have definitely got a second dish if I was not so full. Usually, I would skip dessert for lunch but we were feeling lavish and I am so glad we did. We got tiramisu and cannoli and omg it was a whole new world. I would go back to Italy just for their food, maybe even live there...but then I'd probably gain a lot of weight from all the carbs lol.
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