Positano Travel Diary

Week 17: May 14th, 2017

During my trip to Rome, I made the trek down to the Amalfi Coast and Positano for a day. Although it was a treacherous commute there and back, the time spent in the small town was totally worth it. The moment we stepped off the bus when being dropped off the side of the street, I thought I was dreaming. The view I was witnessing felt like a fairytale.

Although I only spent a day in this town, you can definitely spend more than a day and explore. If you were to do a south of Italy trip, the best way to do it is to plan a week or two for the Amalfi Coast. That way you can explore all the towns that the coast has to offer. Most people start from Naples and drive or commute to other small towns such as Positano, Sorrento, Ravello, Amalfi, etc. You can also commute by ferry to these cities, and to the beautiful island of Capri. The local bus in the area is Sita bus and you can get a day pass for as little as eight euros.
For our day spent in Positano, we just enjoyed the panoramic view from up top and spent the afternoon under the sun by the sea. It was a scorching hot day in Positano, and the sand was burning hot. The beach in Positano is composed of small pebbles and sea glass, which can make a pretty neat souvenir!
Main Positano Beach

Overall, I had a lovely time in this town. It feels as if when you're here, time slows down. John Steinbeck wrote a small book about Positano, and from what I've read, in many ways, not much has changed since his visit.

In 1953, John Steinbeck says,

"Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone."

I visited the hotel Steinbeck stayed, Le Sirenuse, and it is alluring as its name. This enchanting hotel was once an old family house and is now converted into a first class hotel that overlooks to the blue seas and islands of Almafi Coast.
View from Le Sirenuse Hotel

Although I only had a day to spend here, some other activities you can enjoy in this town includes hiking the Path of Gods or take the 1750 steps from Positano to Nocelle. You'll definitely get your workout for the day with these activities.
Although I only spent a day here, Positano definitely bites deep.

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