Two Day Trip in Vienna, Austria

Week 12 & 13: April 12th-14th 

Vienna, the city of music. I loved Vienna. It was such a beautiful city filled with history and art. All around the city is beautiful architecture. It definitely exceeded my expectations as a city.
The first day I walked around and the First Quarter and visited a number of different monuments such as the St. Paul’s Cathedral, National Library and, National Opera Museum. Then in the evening, I went to see my very first ballet. I bought standing tickets, which was only four euros. I did not expect anything and honestly, I was in awe from the performance. The first minute the ballet started I was captured in. It was truly an amazing experience to see. I highly recommend it to anyone.
The next day, I came back to watch an opera. Also my very first opera and it was five hours long opera…keep in mind these are standing tickets. So evidently, I only stayed for the first act. This though was 100 minutes long. It was a really cool experience to have. However, it was not as capturing or enticing to me as the ballet I saw the day before. Nonetheless, I am very happy that I got to experience my first opera in Vienna.
During my visit, I also got the chance to see the different castles in Vienna, Schonbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace. Honestly the best castles I’ve ever seen in my whole life, and it will probably be ever too. They were all so grand and beautiful to see.
Another great place that I visited was the Naschmarkt. It is a food market in Vienna with a bunch of different stands. We got really good falafel and hummus there.

Although I did not visit Vienna with the best weather, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. If I were to visit Austria again, I would make it a big trip and visit Vienna, Strasbourg, and Innsbruck.

The next and last stop on this Easter trip is Budapest. I have heard really great things about this city, and it was definitely an amazing experience for me. Read about it on my Budapest post here.

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