Easter in Prague, Czech Republic

Week 12 & 13: April 9-11th 

3 nights in Prague.
3 most memorable things of Prague:

1. The Vietnamese food
Did you know Vietnamese people are the third largest minority in Prague? I didn’t know either. It was funny because as I was walking around the city the first day to familiarize myself, I found an exceptionally high number of Vietnamese restaurants. So I searched it up, and in Prague, Vietnamese people are the third largest. It’s because back when Prague used to be a communist country, they had an agreement with the Vietnamese government in which Vietnamese people can come to Czech Republic to learn skills and bring it back to Vietnam. However, when the country changed to a democratic country, Vietnamese people decided to stay and live their life there instead.

It was safe to say that the Vietnamese food was actually authentic. I honestly was the happiest girl at the moment. Travelling Europe, I have been deprived of Vietnamese food, and I miss the freshness and flavoured dishes the cuisine has to offer.
2. The Easter Markets
I visited Prague during the Easter holidays so, in Old Prague, the city set up an Easter market with different food and souvenir stands. It was a frequent stop on this trip. I visited it every day basically. The market offered some local food that Prague is known for such as their chimney cones, draft beer, roasted pork.

I finally got to get the original chimney cone with ice cream at the Good Food Bakery. The place offered sweet and savoury options. I had both. The one with their homemade soft serve was really good. I also tried the pizza cone too.

3. Old Prague and the Castle
Walking around Old Prague and the Castle side was really nice. The city really reminds me of the medieval times. There were some really amazing high points in the city including the look out points, and also Prince U Hotel Terrace, which is in Old Prague.
You can definitely walk around Old Prague and hit all the important monuments in less than an hour. Then spend the rest of your day on the other side of Charles Bridge where the John Lennon Wall and Castle is.
Another piece of the city I went to visit was the building designed by Frank Gehry called the Dancing House. He is the same architect that designed the LV Foundation. I really love his work and the sense of movement his design composes.
Overall, I enjoyed Prague for the short stay that I had. I really don’t think you need more than three nights to experience the city. It’s also an expensive city to visit. However, that usually entices me to spend more. What irony that is.

Next stop, Vienna. Read about it here.

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