Porto Travel Diary

Week 16: May 8th-9th 

 I had a short trip to Porto for a day and a half. It was quite the destination experience. And not because of the city itself but because I had an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite on my eye. Yes, I couldn't see through one eye for my trip to Porto. 

 Nonetheless, the city view of Porto was very beautiful. We were able to catch the sunset near the bridge and it was an amazing view of the city. It was a very casual trip that allowed us to just roam around the city. 

 In my opinion, Porto is a much younger and hip city compared Lisbon. There are things to do such as visit wineries, ride the granola, visit the library that inspired J.K. Rowling to write Harry Potter (Livraria Lello) and the big blue tiled church (Capela das Almas). However, there are not so many things. So you can definitely visit and enjoy the city in two days or less. 

 Here is a recap of my trip in photos:
 Capela das Almas
Livraria Lello
Did you know JK Rowling once taught English in Porto and was inspired by the stairs in this library leading to the making of Harry Potter? It's definitely a place where you can feel the atmosphere of the novel. 
We stayed at Oporto City Hostel, a super cute and friendly place to stay. 
(Strategically hiding my puffy eye lol...)
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