Some Canadian Boys in Lisbon

Week 6: Feb 19th- 25th
This past week my brother Kevin and "brother" OB came to visit me!!! They had a week off from school and visiting to venture across the ocean to Lisbon. It was a jam-packed week as they wanted to try and do as many things as possible. A number of fun, embarrassing, and not so fun things happened this week. I just arrived back to Lisbon from Morocco (they were literally waiting for me at the airport). 
The first day was a write-off. Both of the boys were so jetlagged from their flight, they ended up sleeping until the evening. We went to this restaurant called Principe do Calhariz for dinner and boy did we have a big appetite. We basically ordered ourselves a buffet and I introduced them to the most Portuguese style dinner you can have. This included Portuguese sausages, cheese and bread to start, then codfish, seafood rice, and a whole barbeque chicken for the main dish, and you can't forget about the green wine. 
The week continued with many other dinners out. We went to get tapas another night at Tapa Bucho and that was very tasty. Except for the fact that a bird pooped on me while waiting in the queue. Yes, a bird shat on me...not the greatest experience...Anyways, if you find yourself at this restaurant at some point in your life, I recommend you order the calamari, t-bone steak, and codfish. In terms of sweets, I discovered a new gelato place around my neighbourhood and it's comparable if not even better than the famous gelato parlour Santini here in Lisbon. The parlour is called Gelato Davvero. It has the most diverse flavours, usual and unusual. Some unique flavours they serve include wasabi, lavender and ginger, avocado, apple and cinnamon, basil, and many others. My brother and OB actually showed me the parlour. I always walked by it but never decided to go in. The first time trying it, I ended up coming back and getting another cone of gelato. The price is super reasonable too. If you order a small cone (not actually that small), they stack three different flavours on it for you. The ice-cream is basically mounted on top and it's a race to finish it before it falls. Some combinations I've tried are lemon (1) cheesecake, basil, and strawberry, (2) avocado, pistachio, and pear, (3) oreo, mint chocolate, and cream. We also visited this coffee house in the LX Factory called Wish. It is actually a cafe and concept store with really cool products ranging from stationary to home decor. Their cafe was decked out with their products and was beautifully designed.  
Other than eating, we visited this museum called The Carmo Archaeological Museum. It is situated in the ruins of the old Church of Santa Maria do Carmo. The unique part about this church is that it does not have a roof. It was once known to be one of the most beautiful Gothic temples in Lisbon until the earthquake in 1755. It survived an earthquake but does not have a roof, funny how things work. We also trained to a beach nearby (Carcavelos) and went surfing!! It was their first time going so they were in for quite the experience. This time, the waves were not as wild so I caught a couple waves. It felt very accomplishing, instead of always swallowing water and eating shit...
Overall, having Kevin and OB here was really amazing. They definitely made my week more enjoying and made me miss home quite a little. I think it's one thing to travel and meet new people, but it's a whole other experience to travel with your family and close friends. One thing that I thought was so funny was that my brother and OB thought my housemates American 'terms' such as Instabanger and pussy, and now housemates all use them. 

I really enjoyed my week with them and I'm sure they did too!! :)