Had a lot of Craic in Dublin

Week 9: March 15-19th

For this year's St. Patty's Day I celebrated it in Dublin for a change, yet the country felt very westernised (not complaining). Everyone in Ireland speaks English so it was very easy to get around. Wifi is accessible just about anywhere in the city too. That means on the transportation buses. The city was very developed. I was very surprised and happy to learn that the city had different ethnic restaurants. I definitely took advantage of this. I was honestly craving myself some Asian food and eating Korean and Thai food definitely satisfied it. I also went to O'Neil which is a very popular Irish pub in Dublin. I ordered fish and chips and a pint of Guinness. It was the best decision I made that day. 
In my opinion, the most beautiful part of Dublin is their countryside. The day before St. Patty's I visited the Cliffs of Moher which are among the highest coastlines in Europe. It was the most astonishing view. The cliffs were so grand. I didn't expect for it to be so big. We went on a very lucky day. It was sunny and the skies were clear so we got to see all of the cliffs. When it gets bad, the cliffs are covered with a dense fog and you can't see anything.
Other than the scenic views and green fields, the Guinness beer in Ireland is unreal. It tastes so smooth and leaves a chocolaty taste at the end. Guinness doesn't taste travel well, so back home in Canada, the true taste of it cannot even compare. I'm not a huge beer fan but I really enjoyed drinking Guinness in Ireland. I even got the opportunity to learn about the beer and company from visiting their Storehouse. It was very cool to learn about how the beer was made. I even poured my own pint. On the top floor of the Storehouse, you get a panoramic view of Dublin which was really nice.
St. Patty's Day in Dublin was very different. Locals in Dublin celebrate it later in the day and the only thing that happens early in the day is the St. Patty's parade. I went to that with my friends and it was very fun to watch the different floats. Some were very weird and some were really cool. At night, we hung around Temple Bar, which is the place to be for nightlife. It's an area with countless pubs and bars to hang out in. I really enjoyed The Quays Irish Bar, it played live music all night long.
Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Dublin because I got to see so many beautiful faces aka my other Queen's friends on an exchange. It was so nice to see everyone.