Studying Abroad in Lisbon

Week 2 and 3- January 22nd to Feb 4th
It has now been three weeks and I can officially say there's more than meets the eye.

A couple of big things happened these past two weeks:

1. I dropped my mum off at the airport two Fridays ago and just like that, I'm alone here in a new city. It's scary yet so exciting at the same time.

2. I went out two last Fridays ago and I do not understand how people last all night. The night scene here is insane. I did not go home until 6 am in the morning. People here eat dinner so late. I went to dinner at 10:30 pm and afterwards I went to a Zumba bar. I learned how to Zumba for the first time. It was very fun. 

3. Portugal is a considerably inexpensive country to live in. I've discovered some very inexpensive and tasty restaurants around the city. Here are a number of restaurants that I've been to so far (if you're in Lisbon right now or decide to visit in the future). 

Ho Caldas - All you can eat Portuguese food and drinks (beer and sangria) for only 12 euros
Samurai - All you can eat Sushi for only 12 euros (if you show your student card)
Bun's - Your choice of burger and unlimited sangria for 15 euros (Saturday night offer)
Tambarina - Very tasty African cuisine. I went out for dinner with a group of 7 people and it was 6.20 euros (food and drinks). I recommend the dish Cachupa de Carne ou Peixe.
Italy Caffe - At this Italian restaurant, I tried a dish called Pasta alla Forma where they make your pasta in a cheese wheel. It was soooo cheesy. If you're into cheese and I mean lots of it, I would recommend you to try this. However, in my opinion, it's definitely a novelty. 
4. I went surfing for the first time ever!!! It was a very fun and challenging experience. I keep forgetting that it's still winter time here as it's at least 14 degrees celsius. However, because it is, the tides are lot higher, which makes it harder for you to learn. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my first surfing experience very much and am going to be starting a 10 class pack. Hopefully, by the end of my exchange semester, I'll be a pro!! (just kidding)
5. This past weekend I visited Roca do Inferno also known as Hell's Mouth are seaside cliffs in Cascais. Right now, in the winter time, the waves are really aggressive but I think it's more exciting to visit when it is.
6. I also visited the LX Factory this past weekend. It kind of feels like Distillery district in Toronto but a lot larger and more diverse. The factory has an array of unique retailers and restaurants. On Sundays, they also have a flea market which sells clothes, jewellery and other knick knacks.
7. Everyone probably knows the pastry Pastel de Nata (Portuguese Tart), but another popular Portuguese pastry is Pao de Deus. This is translated to English as Heavenly Bread. Pao de Deus are sweet rolls made with butter, eggs, sugar, milk and grated lemon filled with coconut and baked to golden brown. If you like coconut I would recommend for you to try this! It's also not as sweet at Pastel de Nata either.
8. Lastly, I visited this coffee shop near my house called Hello, Kristoff. It was a very cute cafe with a variety of options for food and beverages. It was definitely a more modern coffee shop compared to the classic Portuguese cafe. I really enjoyed my time here and they also play good alternative music. 
I haven't visited anywhere else in Europe yet but I plan to soon. For now, I would like to first absorb this city in as much as I can and spend my time here. My first trip will be to Morroco in two weeks so stay tuned! :)