Familiar Faces

Week 4: Feb 5th to Feb 11th 
As many do say when they're travelling, time flies by very quickly!! It has already been a month in my exchange experience and I cannot believe it.

I have met many new people on exchange but it's nothing like spending time with some good close friends. One of my closest friend, Danny, who I've known for seven years now visited me here in Lisbon. The last trip we had together outside of the country was California back in 2013. That was four years ago. It was really nice to see him and catch up. Throughout the whole first night, we just kept on saying..."who would have thought"...

Alice my other friend that I've known since highschool joined the day after and I showed them the marathon of a city, Lisbon. (Marathon referring to the constant walks and hikes uphill). I showed them around downtown Lisbon, Belem (a historical district in Lisbon), and Sintra. A tourist touring tourists, how funny.

In Belem, we visited Museu Colecao Berardo, which is a museum of modern and contemporary art. I took them to Pastel de Belem (of course) and there we ordered a little bit of everything, and obviously, pasteis de nata. Every time Danny ate it he was just in awe of how tasty it was. It was very amusing to watch. In Sintra, we hiked up the Sintra mountains and went to Pena Palace. It was a nice short hike that involved many many stairs. I recommend doing the hike instead of taking a bus to the top. This way, you can stop, smell the air, and enjoy the view.

Overall, it was a very fun weekend. :)
View from the top of our hike and Castelos dos Mouros
Inside of Pena Palace
Santini Gelato (so good)