Golden Girl

Have you ever questioned everything you've been doing so far? Like why you chose to study what you study at school? Is it going to help you with what you want to do in the future? If the industry you told yourself you want to work in is the right one for you? If it's something you can be happy doing for the rest of your life? If it's something you can wake up in the morning for and be looking forward to?

Or about your social life? Are your friends your real friends or are you guys just friends because it's convenient? Can you really have close guy friends or is that just a lie? Are your girl friends ones you can really trust? How do you balance spending time with your friends verses with your family? Are you close with your family just because it's blood? Or do you actually love them? Why are people so bi polar? One day you can be close as hell, prancing around and talking and then a week later they'll give you a cold shoulder? Or why is it weird when you don't see someone for a long time, and then there's tension because of it?

How is it that when you were little you had so many aspirations and dreams, and you set all these goals with specific time and ages? And when you're actually that age you still don't know what the hell you are doing with your life? Did you also think you would have your shit together by 25? A career? Touchdowns in multiple points of the world? A significant other? Settling down with a family? Now you're turning 20 and adulthood is about to hit you in the face.

How do you even do your own taxes? Is it even possible to afford your own house in downtown Toronto anymore? All those promises you made to yourself, will they become a reality? Or were you just talking nice?


It's hard to know anything and nothing is for sure, but lately I've been thinking so much about the decisions I've been making and if they're the right ones. Honestly, I think you never really know... which is the scary part of life. So many unexpected things happen and you can never be 100% prepared.

BUT THAT'S LIFE. Just take it one step at a time, I guess.

Side Note: This is the same photoshoot, but I played with the photos in lightroom. I didn't know which one I liked so I posted both styles. Enjoy! :)

Champion Bomber (Father's)
Nordstrom Tank
Club Monaco Striped Skirt
Converse in White

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