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I turned 20 yesterday (still crazy to even say that I did), and here are some things that occurred to me:
  • Realizing that grade nine was six years ago...SIX YEARS AGO...
  • Realizing that no I will not be married, have a stable job, have traveled the world, and will be starting a family at 25 (what was my little self thinking?)
  • Realizing that I actually cannot sit in one place for more than like an hour- so no I cannot work a 9-5 office job AT ALL 
  • Realizing that I hate feeling like a bother/ burden/ nuisance
  • Realizing that even though 20 may seem old, there is still so much that is going to change... especially in your 20s
  • That the "treat people how they treat you" doesn't go far, you should put in the extra effort (even to the meanies)
  • That college is the only time that you can wake up and choose not to do anything and it would be fine. E.g. not go to work or class and that would totally be okay
  • That there is not enough god damn time in the day, and choosing how to use it is sometimes very hard
  • That I'm still not legal in the states (haha)
  • That I seriously cannot function during the day without a good seven to eight hours of sleep
  • Despite the frustration/stress/tears, realizing that I am in a good place with good people
  • 100% grateful for everyone who's been a part of my life, and still is

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