Summer Sixteen

School's out, scream, and shout! Time for some summertime fun!!  I can finally enjoy this sun, and start planning all my summer plans. Every year, people like to make fun exciting to do lists, and this year I'd like to share mine. 
1. Start using this outlet more! I always say this, but hopefully now that I have a new camera I can post more often!

2. Have a total room and lifestyle makeover. If you've grown up with me, you know that I'm quite the hoarder (I still have all my projects from grade shool, yikes!). So, this whole week before work starts, I'm going to throw out and extract all the necessary and neglected things in my life. This includes the immense amount of clothes I have too (thinking of having a garage sale, is that still a thing anymore?)
3. If I shop, only shop sustainable fashion pieces. Although I really regretted taking Human Geography as an elective, the final poster project really enticed me in becoming a more conscious shopper. We had to make a poster in which we convinced a company to be more ethical in their business practices. I chose to do the biggest fast fashion retailer there is, Zara. Did you know the textile and fashion industry is the world's second largest waste producer? 

4. Go outside more! This includes going on weekly runs, bikes, and hikes. There are so many neat places to explore in the city and outside of it. Last summer, I went on a few hikes and I definitely want to get back at it again. Here's a list if you're interested in doing so too! 

5. Try out different ways to exercise! I usually just go to the gym and do my go-to workout routine. However,  now that I'm back home, I really want to make use of the different facilities offered. For example, my neighbourhood plaza just opened up a UFC gym, and I really want to pick up kickboxing. Also, did you know Nike has a Nike Running Club downtown? They offer free training sessions there!

6. Eat cleaner! I have an everlasting battle with myself: should I eat this fat juicy burger or opt for a clean healthy salmon salad. Why not both you say? But then, that just defeats it all, doesn't it? Anyways, this summer, I'm going to try to eat cleaner (with the exception of ice cream and tacos obviously). 

7. Go to more concerts! My wallet is screaming, but I would rather spend money on these experiences than on materialistic items (ironic, because I love fashion). I absolutely love the environment music can create, and want to immerse myself in as many opportunities to do so this summer. 
Ready for some summertime fun ;-) 

Wearing: Wilfred Free Crop Top | Topshop Boyfriend Jeans | Black Ankle Boots

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