Pink Matter

Part Three
Ironically, this outfit was my favourite out of the three. Can you guess why? 

I had a really fun time doing this three part series. Special thanks to Nelson Huang for all these rad ass photos (and making me look better than ever haha.) I remember when I first started off taking pictures it was just to capture a moment in life that can be cherished and remembered more vividly. Now it's to also share a passion for an art form and type of visual design that can be appreciated and viewed amongst others online (I know this is grammatically incorrect and I'm sorry). 

Can you see the song title reference I made from Frank Ocean? I'm still sitting here behind my laptop screen impatiently waiting for this unknown album to drop. If you're still reading this ramble of a blurb, you must have a lot of free time. Thanks for everyone who have said such kind words about this platform. You guys are all the real MVPs and I hope to share more in the future. 

Scroll down to see all my amazing facial features such as my butterfly teeth and baby hairs!!