Dress to Impress

Business Casual with a fashion flare is probably one of the outfit combination I struggle the most with. When I think of a typical business formal/ business casual outfit, it includes a black blazer, black trousers, and white collar top. However, this outfit always looks way too standard in my opinion and it makes me look in a way too anal. As I started to attend more business attired events, and with my days studying commerce in university, it really allowed me to explore my fashion sense in the business wear category. I found that one of the most effective method in jazzing up your outfit is adding a pop of colour or two. Playing with patterns, and jewellery are also an area to test. This outfit is rather business casual. I tried to make the outfit look in sync by incorporating the same colour of warm hues throughout. Also, wearing a skirt is always a plus as it makes your outfit look more feminine. 
J. Crew Top | Zara Skirt | Browns Heels 
Photo courtesy of Dustin Zhang