Toronto Men's Fashion Show

Just a couple weeks ago, two weeks to be exact I was invited to attend the very first Toronto Men's Fashion Week. Ever since I was little I always wanted to go to a Fashion Show and I never thought I'd be attending a men's fashion show this summer at all. Funny how things come to be really. 
I went on the third night and was able to watch three lines: L'oumo Strano, Wrkdept, and the Wearables fashion show. All of these shows are for the Spring/Summer 2015. 

Mic Carter's L'oumo Strano was originally pulled out due to concerns of the clothes being too feminine and androgynous, but days after the event's staff asked Mic. Carter if he would consider showing again. 
When I saw the first model walk out it really caught my eye- I mean it's not everyday you see a male wear a skirt. The whole line was filled with crop tops, voluminous skirts, Victorian-inspired neck ruffles, and all feminine details.
Mic Carter's line really pushed the line of what is femininity and masculinity. His goal as a designer is "continuing the dialogue within the fashion community about gender binaries, and really finding spaces for different masculinities and feminities." 
Overall, this line was a pretty interesting to witness. I wouldn't expect to see many men wearing a skirt in the next week or so but you never know if you might run into a person who's as daring with their style. 

WRKDEPT is a unisex streetwear brand created by the designer Andy Long Hoang. In his SS15 collection he followed his previous collection's design. With Japanese references on print and also from the little apron designed to be an accessory. 
The whole collection followed a very minimal style with simplistic designs and monochromatic colours. The designer followed a very structured, making the whole ensemble very clean cut, and in placed. This collection was a lot more toned down compared L'oumo Strano's. You can see the wide spectrum of fashion has to really offer and what you can really choose to do in creating your own style. 

The last collection was the Wearables fashion show. This was the first ever wearable technology show in the city. The show was presented by We Are Wearables, an organization who makes wearable tech more accessile to the business and consumers. This show takes a glimpse on the integration between technology and fashion. 
 The show showcased the variety of wearable technology available for the society to better yourself. For example, InteraXon's brain-sensing headband Muse is a headband that senses your brainwaves and lets you do incredible things with your mind. If you're interested in this product, check it out here. The show also featured technology such as MeU's LED panels which used LEDs to create a greater sense of visibility. MeU's LED panels are customizable as you can choose what you want to present using an app on your phone. For more informaito on this product, check out their website here.
This show overall had a very futuristic touch to it. It's pretty overwhelming when you see how much the sense of everything around you have evolved and changed. With the works of technology integrating into fashion, you get a first hand glimpse of it. Overall, my experience at TOM was great. There was not much that inspired me with my own style but attending the show and seeing how "out there" other people dress have really opened my eyes. In a sense, I realized that with fashion and style, nothing really looks horrible with the right confidence and positive mindset. When someone can wear the most unique pieces with confidence, it makes the whole ensemble look ten times better.

I'd just like to Robert from MeU Wearables for the wonderful opportunity.


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