Turn Blue

This new haircut is starting to grow on me. At first I really like it but afterwards I had some doubts about it...but I actually really like short hair. I no longer need to worry about hair being caught anywhere or i being tangled. My hair is so short, I can't even tie it up anyways. It's so effortless and low maintenance, and such a perfect length for this summer's hot weather. Anyways, today I just scrolled around uptown Toronto and enjoyed the nice weather outside. Toronto is such a nice place to be on a sunny day like today. Why waste a day stuck at home when you can be exploring the city and trying out new things. 

Outfit: Zara Denim Jacket | Black Maxi Dress | Banana Republic Flats
Today's out was super casual. I literally had five minutes to put something on so I just slacked on a maxi dress and wore a denim jacket over it. Although this dress is black, it's a jersey material and is very airy. This maxi has a wide opening so when I walk, my legs don't feel constrained. I feel like most maxis are so constraining but this one has a lot of room which is always a bonus. 

So this post is "Turn Blue" not only because of the cool colour atmosphere but I've been loving The Black Keys new album Turn Blue and I can't get enough of it. If you enjoy listening to rock music, check them out! Also check out their older albums which are just as great, if not even better!