Pretty in Pink

I find it quite hard to style my outfits with short hair now. I feel like all my clothes are too feminine for my haircut and wearing a girly outfit doesn't feel right. But today I dressed extra girly for lunch with the mother. It was a perfect and sunny out and a great day for a patio sitting. I sneaked a little monochromatic look with this outfit. Starting from the top I wore my bright red sunnies and as my look went down to my shoes the colours faded lighter and lighter. Wearing the pink on pink makes my outfit look more like a dress than a two piece outfit. The look flows well together and creates a very soft outfit. The silhouette of this skirt is perfectly lined with my body and the length is perfect as it ends just above my ankles. I think I have a thing for midi skirts and pleats. It's just so comfortable and airy to wear. If you're ever trying to go for a more feminine look consider wearing anything pleated, lace, or pastel. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

Outfit: Wilfred Lace Top | Celine Midi Skirt | Zara Sandals 
Accessories: Burberry Sunglasses | Jeanne Lottie Wallet