Old Quebec City Photo Diary

Just a week ago I visited the enchanting Old Quebec City and let me tell you it's like walking into another part of country. I entered through a grand entrance called the Place de l'Assemblee-Nationale. Essentially Old Quebec is separated and easily recognized by a wall that borders around the whole area. 
 Here are a few pictures I took at higher ground; which show a great view down below 
and also into the horizon. 
 Old Quebec City is a place with such rich art and culture. It gives off a olden and quaint feeling and if you stay there long enough you might even think you're in some place in Europe. The little area is a great place filled with cute cafes, restaurants, and places to explore. 
View of the St. Lawrence River 

If you're ever in Quebec City or even in Montreal, I suggest you to take a day trip or even stay the night and explore Old Quebec for yourself! It's a great spot you can go, walk around, and just enjoy the summer's weather. Overall my experience at Old Quebec City was a delight. I wished I could have stayed longer and experience the night life too. This is definitely a place I would come visit again. 

On a side note, contrary to many people's personal experiences in visiting Quebec and speaking to the people living in there, the Quebecois I talked to and asked for help were super nice and willing to lend a helping hand. Many people say Quebecois are ignorant and rude, but the people I met were super genuine and always responded with a warm tone. I ate lunch at a cafe called Cosmo's Cafe and the customer service there was spectacular. The food also was really good.