Crop that Top

So my cousin and I decided to do a little DIY and made crop tops for ourselves. Crop tops has became such a popular trend this summer and I personally feel like it's a summer essential. It's such as great staple piece that works with almost any outfit. We both made crop tops and this was our first go. It came out pretty nice and we're excited to make more! The fabric we chose was a light weight jersey. It's a very stretchy material and hugs that body so well. Pane is a hot trend this summer and that was the print we chose for this piece. We both styled our tops in different ways. Alison's outfit has a more 90s teen vibe, while I just kept my outfit to the basic blacks to give the whole outfit a more bold look. 

Alison's Outfit: Custom Made Top | Levi's Shorts | Converse Low Tops
My Outfit: Custom Made Top | Zara Shorts | Gap Sandals

Hope you all have a blessed Friday!