Nuit Blanche Photo Diary

05. 10. 13
It's that time of the year again, Nuit Blanche happened a few days ago and if you didn't go below are some photos of the different exhibitions at the event! 
14 | Music Box 
A unique mechanical device that creates musical noise in response to the surreal, carnival-like atmosphere of the site. This kinetic sound sculpture is quite fascinating, the artist incorporated the basic pulley and gears applications and other tools. 
1 | Forever Bicycles
An installation in the heart of Toronto at Nathan Phillip Square. This was the center of attention at Nuit Blanche.  Designed by the famous Ai Weiwei himself, the sculpture consisted of 3,144 bicycles that are connected into a three-dimensional sculpture. The installation creates a visual effect that tricks the human eye in seeing a moving picture. It was quite the sculpture, I even got the chance to walk through it. Looking at the installation from inside out is a completely different experience. This was a very well designed abstract sculpture. 
4 AM Shot
34 | Mariner 9, 2012
A video installation that presents a life-size panoramic view of a Martian landscape set hundreds of years in the future. Kelly Richardson used both NASA technical data of Mars and complex scenery generation software to create a realistic view of the red planet. 
A light installation that has a visual experience that changes as an individual walks down the length of the art piece and the light apertures change in size. This piece is made up of stacked tubes of different sizes and uses light to articulate movement. When I walked down the float, the amount of light I saw changed creating a different visual effect based on my location. This was a pretty interesting piece. At first, when I saw the installation up front, I thought it was just a random float with stacked tubes, but as I closely examined the piece I learned to appreciate it more.
18 | Tortoise 
4 | The Little People
A staged protest made up of little kinder surprise toys.  
22 | The Anthropocone
3 | The rose is without why
7 | Plastic Bags
A sculpture reflecting our daily lives created with the use of the most common object plastic bags.

Overall, the night consisted of a few eye-catching pieces. I tried to see all the sites but that sadly failed as some of the art pieces were too far away and it rained a number of times during the night. Of the ones I got the chance to see, my favourite were the video installation of Mars, Ai Weiwei's installation and the light installation. A number of the art pieces are still up if you didn't get a chance to see it for yourself. For example, Forever Bicycles and The Rose is Without Why is still on site at Nathan Phillip Square.